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Digital Marketing + Tech Support Ninja

Steady support

to help you grow

I know you can do it all-because you are amazing!

....But you're overwhelmed with your never-ending to-do list and feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. You also...

  • Feel super disorganized with your 20 tabs open on your browser trying to finish everything.

  • Delay doing simple (but important) things like posting on social media because it always gets pushed to the bottom of the list and it's confusing and annoying.

  • Spend way too much time doing the "techie" parts of your business (like setting up or updating your email sequence) and dread doing it.

  • Don't feel like a CEO because you are working outside of your zone of genius on things you don’t enjoy doing (so it takes you 10X as long to accomplish!)

  • Have a looooooong to-do list that feel like it never gets any shorter and you spend much of your day stressed out just looking at it.

  • Are trying to hit your next level of income but know it’s impossible with all the little tasks you have to do.


If you keep working the way you are now, how long is it going to take for you

to reach your goals in your business?


If you are anything like my clients (which if you are on this page, you probably are!), then you are tired of feeling like you are spinning your wheels trying to get everything done each day.
Here's where I come in.
I can support you with...


  • Repurpose and organize content

  • Create social media graphics

  • Social media posting

  • Individual outreach


  • Monthly Bank Reconciliation

  • Create Financial Statements

  • Tax Preparation


  • Create and execute a digital marketing and visibility strategy

  • Co-create and execute a sales funnel

  • Help you identify and set up new tools and technologies to run your business


  • Create landing and sales pages

  • Co-create and execute a digital marketing strategy


  • Co-create curated community postings, messages and announcements

  • Manage community engagement on an individual and group level


  • Repurpose content

  • Create newsletter templates and blog post graphics

  • Set up automations and sequences


  • Create, manage and maintain a content library

  • Co-create content and execute content visibility strategies


  • Manage client messages via email, Dubsado, Asana

  • Create an onboarding experience for your new clients


  • Create PDFs, workbooks and ebooks

  • Implement minor tweaks or changes to your existing website

  • Establish or document Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Research potential clients and collaborators

  • Brainstorm and collaborate on ideas

  • Pitch your business to podcasts, influencers, magazines and other publications


Here is what I know to be true about outsourcing after having an online business for years:


I will do the work you're currently doing, in a fraction of the time.

Here's a fun little example.

Let's say you're spending 6 hours a month pulling your social media content, creating captions, adding in emojis, updating links and matching it with an image. (And you know that’s a conservative estimate when you think about the time actually spend doing that).

Here's how your time might be spent:

--> 2-3 hours pulling/repurposing content and formatting for each platform

--> Another 1 hour updating links, creating a posting schedule (what content goes on which platform and when) and adding in emojis and line breaks

--> And another 1 hour pulling images and matching them to your content

--> Yet another 1 hour actually scheduling out the content that you're able to

--> Another hour posting organic content to FB groups that you can't schedule posts in


Here's the deal...

This is delaying your income & sales because you aren’t getting visible and when you are, you're spending way too much time doing that and not enough time selling and serving your clients.

Just another example of how I do tasks way quicker, save you tons of time and give you the space you need to focus on what actually moves the revenue needle in your business.


Make like Elsa and let it go!

This work that takes you hours is my zone of genius that takes minutes.

Set up a call with me below so we can get to know each other and talk more about how I can support you and your business.
Hi, I'm Stephanie!

I live in Pennsylvania with my husband and 4 boys. When I'm not working, you’ll find me reading romance novels or personal development books, taking a yoga class, meditating or working on my Reiki certification. I'm one of those moms on the PTA (and loves it) and when I'm not shuttling kids to and from school I'm taking them from the ice hockey rink to the pool (and sometimes I get in too!)


With degrees in Psychology and Accounting and over a decade running my own bookkeeping and accounting business, I know the importance of detail and accuracy in every area of your business. My experience working with special needs children has taught me the importance of patience, empathy and compassion.

Every business has many moving parts that make it successful, but for entrepreneurs, the burden is even heavier as you have to do everything yourself. I know all about dealing with many tasks at once…

Schedule a call with me today and find out how I can help you with all the moving parts in your business.


I love Stephanie’s passion for what she does, her creativity and new ideas to help my brand and presence.  Plus she is an amazing soul! 

Stephanie has helped me have a lot more time to focus on my own zone of genius and has helped me boost engagement and grow my audience with her support. 


She helps me with so many things, from my the whole process with podcasts, to creating promo material, repurposing social media content, managing Pinterest and more!

Stephanie is amazing at what she does, and delivers amazing service.  She’s always on top of things, and truly cares about her clients vision and mission.

I def recommend Stephanie to anyone who needs assistance, she’s amazing! 

- Stephanie Bellinger

Founder of Spiritual Boss Babe


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