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I know you can do it all-because you are amazing!

....But are you starting to feel overwhelmed with everything you need to do, like there aren't enough hours in the day?


  • Do you feel super disorganized with your 20 tabs open on your browser trying to finish everything?

  • Are you delaying doing simple things like posting on social media because it’s just not your favorite thing to do?

  • Do you hate the "techy" parts of your business (like setting up or updating your email sequence) and dread doing it?

  • Do you feel like a VA and not a CEO because you are working outside of your zone of genius on things you don’t enjoy doing (so it takes you 10X as long to accomplish!)

  • Does your To-Do list feel like it never gets any shorter & you spend the day stressed out looking at it?

  • You are trying to hit your next level of income but know it’s impossible with all the little tasks you have to do.

  • If you keep working the way you are now, how long is it going to take for you to reach your income goals in your business?

  • If you are anything like my clients (which if you are on this page, you probably are!), then you are tired of feeling like you are spinning your wheels trying to get everything done each day.

You don't have to feel that way because that's where I come in!

When my clients sign on to work with me, they:


  • Take back hours of their day so they can be working on the things they love doing, like client work!

  • Feel organized and like a weight was taken off their shoulders because they no longer have to struggle through the things they hate doing.

  • They are getting visible and signing more clients because they don’t have to worry about posting to social media (I handle it ALL with ease!)

  • They have a clear mind because they send me all the techy stuff they hate doing (and it gets done 10X quicker than if they had tried doing it themselves!)

  • Their to-do list immediately disappears and they are left with working on the FUN parts of their business.

Here is what I know to be true:


If it is taking you 10 hours to handle a certain task, then I guarantee you I can do it in less than half the time.


So if you are spending 10 hours on scheduling your social media content and that’s a conservative estimate when you think about the time actually spent…


10-60 minutes: Thinking about needing to post your content… I know how those delays keep happening!

10-30 minutes: Revising and editing your post after you look at it again


1+ day delay: Deciding not to post it after all and decide to wait till tomorrow?


5 minutes: Actually posting your content

Simply posting your content could take you up to a day and a half!​


This is delaying your income & sales because you aren’t getting visible!!


If you are ready for the delays to be eliminated (I don’t delay, this is my zone of genius and I like to get things done FAST!) and for your time to be freed up, then check out how I can help you with my general VA packages below.











And more!

Here is an idea of how I can help you:

Hi, there!

I'm Stephanie

& I support creative entrepreneurs like you with all those critical but time consuming little jobs that crop up each and every day.

I have a passion for supporting you while your business blasts off beyond expectations!

Stephanie Murray

How does this work?
  • Set up a call to speak with me about what you need help with in your business.


  • If we are a good fit to work together, I will set up a system on Asana so that you can easily communicate & hand things off to me with ease.


  • If there is recurring work to be done (like social media management), then I will set up a system so you can check & review content before being scheduled out.


  • If you would like a weekly check in, we will schedule a 30 minute recurring call for Monday or Wednesday to make sure your plans are always taken care of.


Excited to speak with you!

© 2018 Stephanie Murray
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